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Monday, July 21, 2014

System Functions In SQL Server

There are two types of Functions in SQL Server
  1. System Function: These are the inbuilt functions present in SQL Server. User can’t make any change in these functions i.e Min(), Max(), UPPER()
  2. User Defined Functions: SQL Server allows user to create their own functions. These functions are known as User Defined Functions
In this article we will be focusing on System Functions. I have also discussed about User Defined Functions in different article.

SQL Server has many built in functions and that has been categorized into multiple categories i.e Aggregate Function ,String Function ,Date and Time Functions. Its very difficult to memorize all system function. If you have a rich experience then you must be remembering almost all important function.If you are new to SQL Server then this post will help you to find a place where all system functions are stored.Below I have attached the snapshot , you can also follow the same path to get system functions list.

All System Function has been categorized in 13 different categories , below image can help you to find all those 13 categories in your database.

by clicking on + button you can find all functions which belongs the a particular category.If you will do mouse over on any function a message pop up will come which will tell what that function will return.

I will be explaining each and every System function with an example in future.

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