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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ACID Properties of Transaction

A transaction must follow ACID property rule, I will try to explain what does ACID properties of a transaction mean. As you all know a transaction has two states success or failure. When transaction is successful it should commit the changes and those changes becomes permanent in the database and if it fails in half way it then full transaction will fail and it rolls back to the previous committed state and never change the database.

Atomicity – If transaction is successful and committed changes will become permanent, if transaction fail in half way full transaction will fail and no change will be made in the database.

Consistency – Transactions must make sure that valid data gets into the database.

Isolation – If you are in the middle of transaction in this case other processes won’t be able to see your data until your transaction completes with success or failure. It keeps all transaction separate.

Durability – Once Transaction has been committed, entire data should be available in any worst condition.

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