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Friday, July 18, 2014

RDBMS Advantage over File System.

Having data is not a problem but managing data is a big problem. File System failed to manage data in many ways that is why RDBMS was born.

We will understand what are the advantage of RDBMS over File System.

Lets start from very basic, assume you are a small organization and your company is maintaining data in a excel file. What Problem you may face while maintaining data in excel file?

Size- Excel can store maximum 1048576 rows what if you want to store lot more rows?
Data Modification-You can share your data file to multiple user, but what if 200 users are accessing the file and few of them want to modify the data at same point of time.
Data Accuracy-When you enter data manually into the excel file, you may press wrong key and end up by entering wrong data.It doesn't check your data, because no data constraints.
Security-You data file contains some sensitive information and you don't want to share that information among other users. what if you want to share some part of data?
Data Redundancy-You may enter same record couple of time, It will allow duplicates rows.
Data Importance-Every single row of data is very very important, in system failure you may loss your important data. System failure can corrupt your data file.

To over come from the above problems RDBMS was born.

RDBMS advantage over FILE System? 

There can be many reason but primary main reasons are given below. RDBMS provides solution for all above mentioned problem.
  1. Size- Unlimited
  2. Data Modification- Easily handled using Locks
  3. Accuracy- Data constraints checks the data before saving it into database. 
  4. Security-You can restrict your data and can easily share among many users. i.e View, SP,Functions
  5. Redundancy -No duplicates
  6. Importance of  Single Row Data- Using Transaction you can handle this, In case of system failure you will not lose a single row. 
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