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Monday, August 31, 2015

SSRS Report Subscription Important Points to remember.

There are two option to create report subscription in Report Manager.

1- New Subscription
2- Data Driven Subscription

New Subscription 

-Report Subscription will not work with Window Authentication.
-Report Subscription will work with Store Database Credentials.
-SQL Server Agent must be running to create Report Subscription.
-Once Report Subscription is created, a SQL Server Agent will be created to run the report on scheduled time.
-Path to share report will be \\MachineName\Users\UserName\Documents
-Once subscription is created, you can find it in MY Subscription list in Report Manager.
-You can create Subscription Schedule for Once or Monthly, Weekly, Day, Hourly basis.
-If subscription is deleted from Report Manager, SQL Server Agent job to run the report will also be deleted.
-If SMTP connection connection is not created, then you will not get option to send report through email.
-If report has parameter and parameter default value is not set then you can't create subscription. You have to define it at the subscription creation time.

Data Driven Subscription

-Report can be shared via email and windows file sahre.
-Null Delivery Provider, will be used for report caching. In this mode, report will not be rendered but will be stored in the report server temporary database.
-Steps to create Data Driven Subscription
Step 1 - Specify how recipients are notified:, Specify a data source that contains recipient information:
Step 2 - Create connection to source which holds data driven subscription information.
Step 4 - Specify delivery extension settings for Report Server FileShare, assign values for FILENAME, PATH, RENDER_FORMAT, WRITEMODE, FILEEXTN, USERNAME, PASSWORD
Step 5 - Specify Report Parameters default value
Step 6 - Specify when subscription will be processed

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