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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Read and Export Excel data from nth Row in SSIS

This post shows how we can read and export data from excel starting from nth row.

In SSIS we can read excel data starting from any number of row. Considering a scenario we have a excel file like below screen and we need to read data of Row 2 to Row 15.
To do this I create an Excel Connection manager in my SSIS package. I created a Data Flow Task in the control tab. On Data Flow tab I have following components. 

Right Click on the Excel Source and select properties.

In the OpenRowset you will find the sheet name from which you are extracting the data. You have to make modification here to read the data from the nth row or range.

As you can see from the below Image I have already updated the OpenRowset value to

Now double click on the excel source and click on preview button, as you can see from the below Image data was read from the row 2 to row 15.

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